Synergy Enabled EST3 Integration

Greater Than the Sum of its Parts


The Synergy™ concept builds on a long and rich history of success. By extending the architecture of its powerful and sophisticated EST3 fire platform to include security, emergency evacuation, access control and CCTV functions, EST has once again established an industry benchmark against which multi-function building systems will be measured for many years to come.

Synergy™ represents the first time security and access control functions have ever been UL-listed to co-exist with fire alarm functions within a common system architecture. No other manufacturer has achieved this level of unity. As a result, only EST can deliver the cost and performance advantages derived from shared wiring, shared power supplies, shared programming, and shared communications. No patchwork protocols or gateways that bolt one system onto another: Synergy™ offers the simple elegance of a single control platform unencumbered by needless redundancy.


Applying its fire expertise to security and access control functions, EST has succeeded in elevating the reliability and survivability of these functions to a level only found before among dedicated fire alarm systems. Similarly, by extending EST3 architecture to include security, emergency evacuation, and access control functions, the control platform has gained a new dimension of application flexibility. The result is a whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts: true Synergy™.

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