OSID vs. Beam, Heat and Flame Detectors 
Beam, heat and flame detectors are commonly used in open spaces for fire detection but have proved problematic. Beam detectors are susceptible to building movement and prone to false alarms due to dust, condensation and object intrusion. They also are difficult to align and therefore time consuming to install. While offering higher reliability, heat and flame detectors only detect fire in the developed, flaming stage, which negates early detection and results in threats to life safety and major property damage. OSID overcomes all of the shortcomings inherent to these systems.


How OSID works?



OSID Features and Benefits

OSID’s uncompromising performance is based on the patented use of digital imaging, dual-frequency beams and smart algorithms delivering:

  • Patented dual wavelength, UV & IR, particle detection
  • CMOS Imager with wide viewing angles
  • Simple installation, commissioning and maintenance
  • High tolerance to vibration and structural movement
  • High tolerance to dust, fogging, steam, reflections and object intrusion
  • High resistance to reflected sunlight
  • On-board log memory
  • Software tool for diagnostic purposes
  • Aesthetically discreet and 3D coverage
  • Long range up to 150 m. (492 ft.) with minimal free space (Ø15 cm./5.85”)