Fireworks Control platform

FireWorks™ - Transforming Information Into Action!

When warning signals sound, will your personnel become frozen in the headlights of looming disaster, or act swiftly to protect your building and its occupants?

With FireWorks, you’ll have the answer. FireWorks is a breakthrough control interface that keeps pace with your building’s protection systems while charting the course for effective response every step of the way.



Somewhere, in a quiet uninhabited corner of your building, a smoke detector goes into alarm. Within seconds another follows suit. Somewhere else an electrical current suddenly changes polarity. Horns begin to sound, strobes flash. A CCTV camera pans to pick up a visual of the alarm scene. A dialer makes an automatic call to the fire department. Other circuits energize.

In a typical emergency situation, hundreds of events like these unfold system-wide in a matter of seconds. Individually they hold little meaning. Together they can overwhelm even the most seasoned operator. But from the right perspective they coalesce into a vivid picture of precisely what is happening, and most importantly, how best to respond. FireWorks™ strikes that delicate balance between too much information and not enough. It is the lens that brings cascading events from thousands of points into sharp, understandable focus. It is the tool that helps your personnel make sense of what is happening and get the information that’s needed for swift, decisive,
and effective action.

By merging the very latest design technology with the most innovative life safety systems that have ever come to market, FireWorks™ delivers a highly effective, yet surprisingly simple means of monitoring and control for your building systems. Its unique four-quadrant display pinpoints relevant event details while keeping the big picture in plain view. And its familiar Windows® interface presents a clean, intuitive means of information retrieval and control.

Because FireWorks™ is event-driven, your personnel will never find themselves abandoned by technology just when it’s needed most. Regardless of whether an event is fire and/or security related, FireWorks™ automatically prioritizes all system events so that the most urgent information is always front-and-center. Color coding of event types provides instant visual recognition of what's occurring. The system also keeps pace with your operator by constantly updating the content of adjacent display quadrants with information relevant to the currently selected event. As the situation unfolds, your operator is never more than a glance away from important, context-sensitive information necessary to bring the matter to a speedy and effective conclusion.



Using the latest Windows 2000® operating system and FireWorks™ software, your life safety control merges seamlessly with other building systems. The payoff: unprecedented flexibility, lightning speed, and virtually limitless application potential.


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